Giuliani for President
Giuliani is running for President. Polls show he leads for Republicans and for the general election. Known as America's Mayor, Giuliani became recognized for his handling of the 9-11 attack on America when he was the NY City mayor. As mayor, 2 times elected he was very successful in turning the city around from the mess it was in under Democrat mayor Dinkins. NY City was dirty with high levels of crime as well as financially in trouble when Giuliani took control. After his 8 years as mayor NY City improved dramatically. Crime was lowered and the city was renewed and once again a place people wanted to vacation to and visit. 
Giuliani has to first win the nomination for President of the Republican party. Rudy Giuliani takes many liberal social positions from abortion to gay rights. A President doesn't get involved in many of these issues unless the Congress passes a bill involving a social issue and not many want to get involved on those issues. The biggest issue is partial birth abortion that is likely to come to the Presidents desk and Giuliani is opposed to partial birth abortion. Giuliani would have to sure up many conservative votes by not being out front on social issues and make it clear he would pick conservative judges. Judges on the Supreme Court have the biggest impact on social issues.
Giuliani has a good chance to win the Presidency if he wins the primary and that will help him win the primary when Republicans see him as the best chance to win. Giuliani is smart enough to gain many conservative support by taking strong positions on the war on terror and supporting good economic policies as well as low taxes. He has said he would pick judges like Scalia whom is a favorite Supreme Court Justice with conservatives.
The Presidential election of 2008 is looking more and more like a match up with the top two recognized names in each party. It's likely that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrats nominee. The Republicans including conservatives do not want her to win knowing how radical liberal she is and do not want to see another Clinton President. Giuliani is tough, speaks very well, comes off sounding very sincere and competent. It's a good chance that Republicans will nominate him in order to have the best candidate to win in 2008. Giuliani will be very competitive in Democrat leaning states, blue states, and would likely win states like New York and New Jersey where he is best known. Winning those states as well as running strong in many other states in the north east will make it difficult for a Democrat to win. Rudy Giuliani is the leader going into the election for President and may very well be the next President.
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Do you think Giuliani will be elected President??
Yes, he is tough and what we need as President.
No, he is too liberal on social issues.
Yes, he might win but would vote against him.
No, I like him but he would lose the election in 2008.

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